Friday, February 1, 2008

Can Hip Hop Be Saved??

Well lets see. First we have Soulja Boy (rookie of the year) and his movement of 14 year old, wine-cooler sipping, quick to snap, spongebob backpack collecting tweens. His position held at the current moment is a valuable hint at the state of our Music Industry. But fear not fellow thesbians, for 2007 was also a big year for lyrically-driven Hip Hop heads as well. Talib Kweli and Common (Sense) individually graced our media outlets more frequently than the past 5 years of their careers combined. Kanye West had a best selling album while 50 cent was dragged down the red carpet grabbing Mr. West's coat tails. For all this I am thankful. 2008 is shaping up to be a promising year in the world of Hip Hop. Just within my direct circle of global collaboraters and partisans, lies promise of a year full of great lyrics, great beats, and great albums. I plan to be very busy this year as I'm sure we all do, but alas, there is a big issue though (you knew it was coming):

This world we exist in is becoming overly saturated with this art that we love. This culture is becoming contaminated by every Next Big Producer feat. MC xyz that has a bedroom studio and one shot at greatness. This is not a bad thing because music is positive in all forms, but it does present a challenge to some of the more credible acts looking to actually replace their income through music. At times like this it is vitally important to think outside of the Boom and Bap, and focus on what lies ahead. Focus on being unique, and fearless, rather than trying to keep up with the list of niche sub-genres that Hip Hop has broken down into.

Hip Hop is not dead. It is actually more alive than ever, being expoloited in every car commercial, kiddie programs (Hip Hop Harry), and law firm commercial across the planet. Hip Hop can be heard in 8 zillion languages worldwide, sharing infinite stories of low-income neighbourhoods and social reform (you there is more to talk about, right?). Hip Hop is very alive, and with humble sincerity I look forward to seeing all of you crack heads at the finish line!!!! Lets do this right.



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