Thursday, June 26, 2008

Music Sampling Copyright Law

I found a great 2 part video on YouTube as I was searching Google to check the ranking for one of my keywords on I would really like to know where people stand regarding the issue of music sampling and copyright law. Some say it is an ethical issue, others say it is simply a matter of licensing, or lack thereof. Personally, hip hop production would be no where if it wasn't for the sampling of old rock, blues, jazz, and funk vinyl records in the late 70's - to be even more of an asshole, the music industry right now wouldn't be where it is without hip hop.

Hip Hop is considered the pop of the early 2000's. It is what sells cars, ipods, pizza, insurance, and hemorrhoid cream to the masses through mass syndicated broadcast. If there was no sampling, there would be no hip hop - some might argue this statement though.

Regardless, I feel that sampling is an art form in itself which requires an individual to rework and rearrange an original composition to make it their own. If an artist is selling 10's of thousands of units from a single that contains a sample which is not licensed, then by all means seek monetary compensation for the use of your works as an intellectual rights holder. But going after the independent musician who probably can't afford to pay the licensing fees involved with obtaining sampling rights is just silly.

All I know is that I would never sample a song that I didn't love, and respect. It is a sign of homage to the originators - which is why we want to sample your records in the first place! So ease off. If you would like to read an article with a more in depth discussion of the different elements involved with music sampling copyright law, click here.



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Gigdoggy said...

ok so ofc i agree with the video.
It quite clear that major music conglomerates are working so hard to defend and re-inforce copyright law only for the sole purpose of having control on what they own. And contro mean money.
All big enterprises since the dawn of copyright legislation have been doing this. And public domain law.... a joke if your creative material (whether it be music or animation, or books etc) has had major acclaim and success. Those owning it last will do what they can to keep control.
So all this to say that there is no law when it comes to money, and yes the legislation enforcing copyright, and mostly music copyright nowadays is stifling creativity because it serves those who see art as numbers.

mruff ! great vids and great blog man, i too will be passin more often.