Monday, January 21, 2008

Music Books. Are They Worth Buying? Part Three

With the first two reviews I introduced The Assistant Engineers Hand Book, which relates to the world inside a pro-recording studio. Second, I reviewed the "Industry Bible" which is a proven resource when discussing anything legal or financial in todays Music Business.

I was sitting in my living room this afternoon, thinking about what other great books I still use, or still influence me today? Then I recall a moment about three weeks ago, when I was strolling through Indigo @ the Eaton Center doing some holiday shopping. I eventually sat down with a book, simply titled Audio Post Production In Your Project Studio. What intrigued me about this titled was the recollection of 4 years prior when I had just wrapped up doing location sound/scoring a Slasher/Horror indie short called "Booth" with a good friend of mine. We had such a stellar experience! The location sound was tedious, but the post process of editing, syncing, and then ultimately... in a two night whiskey binge... we scored the flick. Post audio presents a form of creativity through the stimulation and use of one's ears, as well as the visual, emotionless accompaniment of the motion picture. Writing music and creating sounds to be heard is one thing; composing that music to CAPTURE and SET the emotion and pace of a visual journey is another. This book helps bridge the two adventures into one. Audio Post Production In Your Project Studio presents the theories, experiences, and practices of 20 year Classical Music veteren, Casey Kim.

In a very straight forward, non-platform specific manner, she covers each and every area of the Post-Production process. What really kept me reading was the overall feel and focus on the "Project Studio"aspect of modern post. Over the last 10 years we have seen countless Big League post facilities loose clients and business to small, intimate, digital environments. Thats always good news for guys like myself! I forgot to mention that I read 200 of the 304 pages in this book under 3 hours! Let Soulja Boy crank that! For some reason I feel he'd have problems reading this blog :)



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