Monday, January 14, 2008

Producer VS Beat Maker

OK so here's the deal...

during my years producing music and developing artists, I've come across individuals who make beats (regardless of their format/genre) and call themselves producers. the incorrect use of these titles are mainly caused by the whole "super producer" status of certain players in the industry i.e. puff daddy, timbaland, pharrell williams... during the late 90's the term "producer" became frequently attached to the individual who constructed the beat of the track. where it fails to connect is that the individual on the album credits listed as "producer" might not have even stepped foot in the studio during the recording of the track. they simply made the beat, licensed it to the artist, and possibly collect royalties depending on whether or not the deal was exclusive.

i want to clear the air. the "producer" of a song is not necessarily the individual who composed the song, but the individual who takes the artist, the song, the vision, and guides the artist through the recording process of the track, giving input on delivery of vocals etc.. the producer then plays a part in getting the album mixed/mastered, and even as far as getting the album pressed/packaged and distributed. the "composer" or "arranger" of a track is the beat maker...

long story short... if you are a beat maker, and have never worked with an artist in the studio, have never helped with the writing or recording of a song.. YOU ARE NOT A PRODUCER! you are a beat maker...Here is another great post on this topic I found at Check it out!


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