Sunday, April 13, 2008, Rare Vinyl Records, Build A Niche Store

It's been a while since I've visited my trusty ol' blog, and there is no excuse why it's been so long. Quite a few things have occurred in the last little while, one in particular I'm very proud of.

I have officially dove into the world of internet marketing and web publishing. Some of you might have noticed that there is a domain name now attached to this blog,, which I purchased along with a few others from The process of researching and purchasing domains is a lot easier than it may seem and I've realized the importance of having a domain in this day and age, because when it comes to the internet there are seemingly infinite sites, blogs, forums, etc... And this is why branding and identity are so much more important if you want people to find you.

I have a lot of close friends and family members who are DJ's by trade, and noticed that over 90% of them purchase their wax primarily from eBay. Not too surprising, right? Anyways, so over the last little while I've been becoming somewhat of an enthusiast myself (my collection is nothing close to the Fox Music Company Jazz Room shown above) but I have been regularly visiting a little record shop down the street from my office called Vortex Records. After doing some research on eBay I realized that there is a great demand for rare vinyl records. I started to notice the prices that some of the more valuable items were closing at, and it's ridiculous!!! The most expensive auction listed right now on with bidders is for a rare Madonna "Like A Virgin" LP in mint condition with an alternate custom hand painted cover by some artist. The current bid is $3779.92!!!! I'm sweating just thinking about that dollar value...

So I began researching the eBay affiliate game, and discovered a kick ass product called Build A Niche Store from one of their affiliates, Mark Hansen, at BANs, as it is called, It is a site builder script that incorporates eBay RSS feeds along with some pretty cool optimization functions all backed by a wallop of information and support from their forum and community. For $97 bucks you get a lifetime, unlimited license, updates, support, did I mention it's unlimited!?!? You can use the script to build 10,000 sites if you want. The learning curve isn't too bad, and with blogs like and many others out there one could have a niche targeted site up in no time. Anyways, I'm not linking to BANs because this isn't a sales pitch but I did want to let everyone know that there are alternate ways to make income, especially as a struggling musician/artist, like myself.

Back to my reason for posting today... So I discovered that there is a huge market right now for vinyl and it seems to be on the incline. I went over to and started looking for a catchy .com to brand my BANs site and I managed to find for $8. Pretty sweet. Another thing I discovered was that when I googled "Vinyl Records" and similar search terms all the top sites were ugly, outdated, and more targeted towards record collectors. There didn't seem to be an sites that were current, up to date, and targeting the very profitable market of people like myself; DJ's, Beatmakers, and Hippy burnouts aged 25-30 who love vinyl because its vinyl, and it sounds great!

I think you all know where I'm going with this, so keep an eye out in the next coming weeks for the official launch of and if anybody has suggestions in regards to certain records they are trying to find or anything else regarding vinyl records, get at me!!



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