Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music VS The 9-5 Grind

Alright, I'm going to keep this short and simple. A popular question amongst budding musicians, producers, beat makers, DJ's, and all other creative mammals is "How can I get anywhere with my music while I still have this 9-5 cubicle problem?"

A valid question, without a valid answer. There are many things one can do to free more time, and in turn have better means to be creative. I have struggled with holding jobs for as long as I can remember. It seems that after 3-6 months my boredom overpowers me to the point where I will either quit, or immediately start looking elsewhere for something "better" and more "satisfying" on a temporary basis.

A very important factor in balancing your day job and real job is to treat your art as a "job" with no exceptions. I dedicate a minimum of 1 hour per night, 6-10 hours on the weekends to work in the studio on whatever projects I currently have simmering. If you treat your art as a hobby then it will remain a hobby. If you treat your art as a job, and verbalize to your family and friends that this is a job than there is a better chance it eventually become exactly that.

One thing I am trying to do right now is make money from home via web publishing and internet marketing. Internet marketing takes minimal amount of money, and a butt-load of time, but once you have your niche markets and a handful of sites with passive and residual income you can eventually get to the point of only working a few hours a day, which in turn equals MORE TIME FOR MUSIC. I know, it seems far fetched but it really isn't. I recently met a chap my age from the states named Silvano who is trying to do the same thing. He is a hip hop fiend with a dream to make his living from home providing the world with relevant content relating to our mutual friends "boom" and "bap".

Since we share the same dream in a matter of speaking, we have formed a bond based on past experiences and future ideas. If you ever want to leave your 9-5 and chase a dream, you have better chances of surviving if you have a team or at least a handful of people with the same visions. Stay tuned as I will be getting more specific with certain steps individuals can take to free up more time. 4 Hour Work Week???? Thats coming later!



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Silvano said...

Hey thanks for all the feedback and the shout out man. We do it all for the love of hip hop. You make some damn good music, and I hope you blow up and bring some more positive attention to the mainstream about whats going on here on the internet. Holler at me anytime Blue.

Hip hop til the world blow up,