Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pete Rock

My influence, my inspiration, and the reason why I decided to mess around with my uncle's ASR-10 almost a decade ago; Pete Rock. Without question one of the most talented and humble hip hop producers to this day. He created a style that has been duplicated by beatmakers and crate diggers across the globe.

Pete Rock first exploded onto the music scene in the late eighties as a DJ on New York radio station WBLS' "In Control with Marly Marl," which aired every Friday and Saturday night. With a solid fan base behind him, Pete decided he wanted to expand his musical talents, so in the early 90's Pete began producing. Not content with being a producer and DJ, Pete hooked up with long time friend and rapper CL Smooth in 1991.

With the release of the EP All Souled Out in 1991 and two full length albums Mecca & The Soul Brother in 1992 and Main Ingredient in 1994, Pete Rock & CL Smooth became a major force in the rap community. While riding high on their success, Pete Rock & CL Smooth shocked their fans and the music industry by deciding to go their separate ways in 1994.

While promoting an EP and two albums, Pete continued to work on his producing skills. Pete Rock gained production notoriety with the re-mix to Public Enemy's "Shut 'Em Down", in 1991-92. With fullproduction credits on Mic Geronimo-"Unstoppable", Common Sense-"The Bitch In You", Run DMC-"Down With The King", re-mix credits on Monica-"Before You Walk", Jamal-Fades "'Em All", Naughty By Nature-"Hip Hop Horray", EPMD/LL Cool J-"Rampage" and soundtrack credits for Menace To Society-"Death Becomes You", Who's The Man-"What's Next On The Menu" and Poetic Justice-"One In A Million", you would think that Pete Rock was satisfied. But, he wasn't.

In 1995 Chris LaMonica, National Director of Mix Shows at Loud Records hooked up with Pete who was now the DJ for Future Flavas with Marly Marl on Hot 97. From building a promotional relationship with Pete, Chris was able to bring the talent of Pete Rock to Loud, which resulted in the birth of a solo career.

The rest is definitely history...

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Silvano said...

Heard him on Sirius satellite radio the other night, discussing how he never really wanted to flow. His friend and coworker asked him to spit, he declined, but after pressure, and his friend offering to write his lyrics for him, he decided to do it. I, for one, am glad he did, as he definetly is an "O.G." in the game, and could be considered one of the founders of the genre as we know it.

MrBlue said...

I agree 100%...