Saturday, March 15, 2008

Level 42 - Something About You

I was having lunch with my girlfriend in downtown Toronto today, and a song came on the radio that we both loved growing up. Now being a child born in the early 80's meant that we were infused with world class pop music, especially pop music from the UK. Our waitress came by to check up on the burger and rueben we ordered and I asked her "what song is this?" not realizing that she was clearly much younger than the two of us. Her reply was pretty simple, "I have no idea, sorry!"

I parted with my girl at the subway station as she needed to visit Forever 21 and satisfy her shopping urge, and I came back to our apartment and hit youtube. Not finding the original video, I then proceeded to google and found a guy had posted it on a blog.

Here it is for all you 80's babies and retro pop fiends. Level 42 "Something About You."



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